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Operating Conditions

The Valiant Turtle is robustly built. If carefully looked after it will last for many years. Pressure should not be applied to the top of the turtle. This can bend the axles. Children should not try to ride on it.

The Valiant Turtle should be run on a firm, flat, surface.

Murphy's law states, "If you run the Valiant Turtle on a table it will fall off." If you run the Turtle on a table, watch it carefully at all times, or put a rim around the table's edge.

If there is no suitable floor surface place the paper on a piece of laminated board.

Running the Valiant Turtle in strong direct sunlight, or near to an electric fire, may interfere with the infra-red signals and cause inaccuracy.

Do not run the Turtle on deep pile carpets. Hair and fluff will tangle around the axles. Inspect the axles at regular intervals and remove any fibres.

Always lower the pen (usually PENDOWN) before removing it from the Turtle.

Switch the Turtle off if it is not being used for a period of time. It can be turned off and on without reloading the software or re-connecting the Communicator. Remember to raise the pen before giving any other commands.

Do not raise and lower the pen many times in succession without any commands in between. This is not good for the pen mechanism.

The power adaptor should be connected to the mains before the jack plug is connected to the Communicator.

The Communicator operates over a range of about 6 metres. Do not point the Communicator directly at the Turtle if it is less than 2 metres away. If the signal is being interrupted, point the Communicator at the ceiling or a wall. The signal will then bounce around the room. Walking between the Communicator and the Turtle will not usually hinder its performance.

If the Communicator is used on a table place the front over the edge.

Never remove the Turtle's shell or the Communicator cover. This will invalidate the warranty. Consult your dealer about any problems.

Never remove the cover of the power adaptor. This could result in a severe electric shock.

Never cover the Communicator when it is switched on, as this will cause it to overheat.

To change the pen: Use any type of Berol pen (except Fineline and Highlighter). Turn the Turtle upside down. The socket for the pen is in the centre of the Turtle between the two wheels. Pull the old pen out and push the flat end of the new pen into the pen socket with a gentle twisting motion. Do not force the pen.

The stabiliser ball under the Turtle's head is ferrous metal and can rust. It helps to:
(i) Keep it clean. Wipe it if it gets dirty or covered with Berol pen ink. But don't leave it damp.
(ii) Lightly oil it (2 pinhead-size drops) with a VERY THIN OIL (like 3-in- I oil or Singer sewing machine oil). You should use only a very small amount.

If you carry out occasionally the above recommendations, the Turtle will continue to run smoothly and will not squeak!

To remove dirty marks from your Turtle wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. NEVER use any type of solvent cleaner as this may attack the plastic.


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