Activity Roamer

Activity Roamers are several Core Behaviours that provide radically different ways of using the robot. Unlike Standard Roamers, you do not program them.

Incy Wincy Spider

This illustrates the idea of Core Behaviours and Activity Roamers.

The keypad pictures represent the events in the nursery rhyme. The children press the buttons in the right order. When they press 'go' the Roamer sings and performs the rhyme in the order of their key presses. Did they get it right or do they need to change it?

Incy Wincy Spider is an example of data added to the Storytime Core Behaviour. You could add data for the 'The Three Little Pigs' and get a different activity. You can create your own activities or download data from the Activity Library. Roamer Spider

Solar System Activity

In this activity the Roamer is a 'sunbeam' travelling from the Sun to the outer reaches of the Solar System. Students guess the order and distance between the planets. As 'sunbeam' Roamer passes by each planet students adjust their estimates about the order and distances. At the same time Roamer quizzes the students about Solar System facts. You can edit the quiz.

This dynamic activity engages the students and gives them a meaningful experience of the sheer size of outer space.

More To Come

At this stage we are developing several types of Activity Roamers. We anticipate our work with RoAD Partners will generate a lot of exciting innovations so keep in touch.