Valiant Technology started in 1985 with the launch of the robot Turtle. Originally founded through an Anglo American alliance between CEO Dave Catlin and the late Professor Tom Stonier, a New Yorker working in the UK. The company aimed at combining good education practice and design to create great educational products. They have pursued this ideal ever since, as testified by their long string of innovative and educational awards.
Valiant now has offices in London and Chicago, where it trades as Valiant USA. As a matter of policy it keeps its staff levels small and networks with a wide range of people from educators to illustrators: from programmers to eccentrics. More
Product and Education Awards
To create educational products which will help children to fulfil their potential by teaching them to think, understand … More
Valiant is a small company that works through networking and partnerships… More
Dave Catlin: CEO
Lives in London, Chicago and on American Airlines. Bio
Kate Hudson: Marketing
Ex-teacher made the mistake of marrying a CEO! Bio
Gill Manvell: Administration
Looks after the business bits
Peter Pavlitski: Production
Peter gets it all made
Emanuel : Servicing
You break it he fixes it!
Nancy Kokat: USA Sales
Ex Teacher now a superwoman
Ann Schall: USA Servicing
You start it she finishes it!
The Late Tom Stonier
Beloved and missed.