Issue April 2012
April 2012
The GO Magazine is the Roamer User Magazine with feature articles dedicated to helping you get the best from your robot. Many of the features were written by you. If you search the GO Archives you will also find some written by students.
In this Issue
Free Activities in the Roamer Activity Library
An article introducing you to the Roamer® Activity Library where you will find lots of free Roamer Activities.
Topical Topic: Roamer Olympics
A regular GO Magazine feature with a free activity suggestion based on a topical event.
Robotic Performing Arts(tm)
An alternative to robot competitions. Find out how students in South London Secondary Schools cooperated to create robotic movies.
So What's New About Roamer-Too
At first glance, Roamer-Too does not stand out from the crowd. If you ignore the fact that it is the World's first talking educational robot, it looks rather simple. The coming months will start to reveal more and more how different and advanced this robot really is. In this interview Roamer Designer Dave Catlin shares his vision of what educational robots really have to offer.
Fractals, Turtles and Snowflakes
With Valiant’s launch of Terrapin Logo, the reintroduction of programming to the curriculum and the imminent arrival of Turtle Roamer®, Professor Richard Noss from the Institute of education has kindly contributed this article from his archive of Logo articles. This is the first in a series that will explore this powerful approach to learning.
RoAD Partnership
Your opportunity to shape the future of robots in the classroom.
Kate's Blog
Bookmark it now - a personal view of education, business and the world in general.
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