Nancy Kokat’s Bio
Nancy, a big-city Chicago girl and graduate of Loyola University, taught 3 years in the middle school. For the past 27 years she has been in various aspects of educational sales. Her true passion is educating children and training adults by making learning easy and fun. That’s how she sees her 16 years with Valiant, as a trainer in many aspects of the term. Once educators see the value and the creative application of Valiant products, they surely will want them in their classrooms. Who would not?
Nancy’s role is all encompassing, or is that overwhelming, and she can talk your ear off if you let her about the Valiant solutions. She loves people, all people; she is even known to have made lifelong friends in an elevator, or so it has been said. She believes that good customer service is the best way to run and maintain a business. Just call her and see for yourself.