roamer robot cars

Disguises and Morphing Kits

Disguises and Morphing Kits are ways you can transform the look and in some cases the functionality of the Roamer. This allows you to quickly get the robot "into character" for an activity. There is no difference between Disguises and Morphing Kits. You may find Disguises a word more appropriate with younger students and Morphing Kits suitable for older students.

Future Designs

Currently only the Car Disguise/Morphing Kit is available. We are producing a number of other designs that will incorporate a lot of innovative designs. If you want us to inform you of their availability contact us.

Roamer in Design Technology

You can use Robotic Roamer in technology programmes like STEM, Design Technology, Engineering Diplomas, etc. By using Roamer Modules or creating your own plug-ins students can design and build powerful sophisticated robots. The open architecture and your ability to PIC Program the Roamers provide you with a flexible system that has many practical advantages.

The Cars have headlights that light up when they go into dark places. You can modify the Early Years and Infant Roamer-Too's by adding the Free Downloads to their Behaviours.