MathAmigo brings the benefits of technology to every math lesson every day. Unlike some software you do not get a set of repetitive questions. MathAmigo is like the Big systems.
Big means:
There are so many activities the reality is a student could probably never do all of them
You use those that are the most effective for the particular student
On average there are 130 activities with 4 or 5 stages per grade. The random generation feature creates millions of unique questions.
This is complete with management system that will meet all your practical needs.
  MathAmigo gives you all of this for a fraction of the cost of equivalent systems
“MathAmigo is a cost-effective way of using technology within the daily math lesson. It puts the teacher in complete control whilst providing quality performance feedback. The ability t readily track and assess pupil performance inform the teacher’s ability to plan lessons and control learning effectively.”
Adrian Metcalf
Technology Adviser, Blackpool
“Public schools spend between $3,026 in Utah and $9,075 in New Jersey per student per year”
Assessing the Cost of Education
Kate Tsubata
The Washington Times: Metropolitan
13th Feb 2006
Even in Utah MathAmigo costs about 0.15% of the annual spend per student. Put it another way, for the cost of a MacDonald’s Happy Meal you can provide your students with an effective mathematics tutoring system that they will use for 9 years.