MathAmigo consists of MathAmigo Manager, which is used to administer the lessons and Math Activity Software that runs on a variety of Activity Machines.
Activity Machines include a range of Mobile Technologies and Windows computers. Our aim is to help you achieve anytime, anywhere learning.
Activities are suitable for K-8 Students. They cover everything from counting to algebra.
The Manager saves you huge amounts of time by helping organize the whole process.
Press Play to see a short PowerPoint presentation on each feature. You can download any PowerPoint and use it in your training.
This feature allows you to group students together and provide them work personalized to their educational needs. It is easy to set up both special needs or gifted groups.
The personalized activities link into teaching plans correlated to standards and textbooks. It reduces your effort and makes the ideal of personalized learning practical.
This is the process that transfers personalized activities to the activity machines and returns the students work to the Manager for assessment.
Math Amigo contains a wide variety of reports. The formative shows you where to focus your teaching and the summative allow you to provide others with information.