Web Conference Training
This is a great way to find out about MathAmigo whilst sitting at your computer. You connect to the trainers computer. You see everything they do as they explain the product over the telephone or if you’re using Skype you can use the computer as a free telephone.
The sessions are open to people who want to know about MathAmigo or those who have the product and want training, or clarification on any issue. The sessions are free of charge. Click here to arrange a free session.
You need broadband Internet access
You need a telephone or Skype
You need to register by email
We send you a link to the conference
When its time for the conference you
follow the link
You call us on the telephone or join a
Skype Conference Call
When you register let us know how whether you plan to use Skype or the phone.
If you cannot join any of the scheduled conferences we will arrange one specifically for you. When you register suggest dates and times and we will contact you to arrange it.
 Preparing for a Web Conference
You need to prepare your computer either by:
Java Join – if you have Java and ActiveX enabled on your computer this is the easiest way to join the conference. For free downloads click on Java and Active X
Client Join – alternatively you can download this file
If you cannot download from the Internet let us know and we can send you a cd with file
 Skype - The Free Phone Service
This is a free internet phone service that will allow you to speak to us through your computer. Its also great if you have friends living in Australia – you can talk to them for hours and it wont cost you dime. To join Skype click on the Skype link and follow the instructions.
 UK Schedule
During term time every Thursday Afternoon at 3:30 pm the session will last about 1 hour.
Remember you must register first and you will need to log on the conference 10 or 15 minutes before the session starts to give time to resolve any technical glitches.