Roamer Accessory Products

This page gives you an overview perspective about Roamer Accessories. For details visit the shopping site. They fall into three categories of product:

Utility Products

These accessories are not essential, but make sense if you use Roamer regularly. You might find Rechargeable Batteries and Charger more economic than non rechargeable options (See GO Article). RoamerWorld software is also very valuable. Apart from extending Roamer's potential it helps you manage your use of the robot including setting various defaults and calibrating the accuracy of movement. If you get RoamerWorld you will probably need the Computer Interface, which you would also use to upgrade your Roamer and change Behaviours in your Keypad Module.

Activity Support Materials

These accessories depend on the age of your students. You will use these over and over again as you do different Roamer Activities. For example you will find Clear Mats, Number Lines, Activity cards etc., useful in lots of Activities for the younger students. Check out the activities you propose to use and the kind of accessories you use regularly.

Valiant Activity Packs

These are packages put together for your convenience. They provide you with the materials you need for a specific activity or group of activities. They often include Keypad Modules mats and everything else you need. You will find these useful if you use these activities regularly.

Keypad Modules

You might find that you use some Behaviours regularly - for example you might use Primary Roamer most of the time, but then use various Activity Roamers the rest of the time. You might find it convenient to dedicate a Keypad Module to the Primary Roamer Behaviour.