Valiant Accredited Trainers
Valiant Technology has set up a network of Accredited Trainers who are fully trained in the curricular applications of Roamer (and in some cases other Valiant Products), ensuring high quality understanding skills.
Schools with their own Inset budget can have courses, run by these trainers, designed specifically for their own needs. A course could be arranged to a school, department or cluster of schools. The cost may vary and should be negotiated with individual trainers.
If you are interested in developing an appropriate course for your school/department or simply wish to obtain further training for yourself, please contact the trainer nearest to you to discuss your requirements.
Contact Kate for product or educational advice, or Emmanuel for servicing enquiries on 020-8673 2233.
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Sharon Logie 01592 414811
Catherine Mullen 01592 414811
Elaine Carey 01592 414811
Ann Crawford 01505 349166