RoamerWorld Activities
RoamerWorld is an authoring package that allows you to create your own activities.
You get these activities free when you buy RoamerWorld.
About Roamer travelling and events, places and things on the linear pathway.
J1 Birthday Present
J2 Paul Revere's Ride
J3 Storks
J4 Drovers
J5 Space Mail
J6 The Mysterious Knight
J7 Story with a Journey
J8 Steadfast Tin Soldier
J9 Write a Story
J10 Your Own Journey
The difference between routes and journeys is that a route is a choice from alternative ways to travel to the same destination.
R1 Cave Roamer
R2 Getting Across the Classroom
R3 Subway
R4 Tortoise and the Hare
R5 Make a Road
R6 Tourist