The Salford Dragon
Just look at this Roamer dragon that the children of Friars Primary in Salford made. Their teacher, Ms Davenport, explains,
"They used newspaper and ‘mod roc’ so it was light enough for him to move. We are going to make a maze to direct him through and the children have also expressed a wish to make a short animation with their dragon as the star character. They are so proud of themselves that they wanted to show you what they had achieved."
Dear Roamer,
Thank you for you e-mail. We are all very happy that you liked our dragon. We like him too and would be really happy if you put him on your website.
We made him by twisting newspaper to make the body. We stuck it together with masking tape because you can paint over it. We left a hole in his back so we could still get to his controls.
To make the mouth we used an old ice cream tub and 2 nuts and bolts for the jaw that we asked our caretaker for. Our dragon also has a balloon for his tongue connected to a plastic tube so we can blow it up and open his jaws. We need to think more about this bit because using a syringe didn’t quite work.
From Year 5 The Friars Primary School.
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