Our research into the practicality of teaching math showed clearly that technology
1. Could play a positive role
2. We need to make technology
accessible to all teaching situations
Rather than you needing to work around the technology, the technology should support the way you work. MathAmigo takes learning technology out of the computer lab and lets you make it part of every math lesson. Perhaps you want to work with special group, coach one-to-one, track homework or even run a summer math camp.
“MathAmigo solves many of our logistical problems. We use it with our Palms, in our computer labs and with our laptop carts. It lets us work in the class, lab or in special groups. It is very versatile.”
James Smith
Program Supervisor: Washington State NCLB
Enhancing Education Through Technology Program
The aim of any math program has to be increasing the mathematical skills and knowledge of the students. MathAmigo puts the teacher at the heart of the process. By saving teachers time in lesson preparation and showing them where to focus their efforts it gives them more time to concentrate on the needs of the students. The flexibility of the MathAmigo system lets you work anytime, anywhere and anyhow.