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My students pull out MathAmigo while they are waiting to perform at a school concert, even while waiting for the bus to arrive. To the students, MathAmigo is fun yet enables them to improve their math skills
Kenton Morrison
Fifth-Grade Teacher
Evergreen Elementary
Fort Lewis, Wash
Your Helping Hand

MathAmigo is K-8 standards-based math software for handhelds, laptops, tablets and PCs. It features more than 3,000 activities on topics ranging from counting to pre-algebra at a fraction of the cost of other comprehensive math products. The activities test students’ understanding of concepts, offer an engaging platform to practice their knowledge and encourage problem solving. Students can use the program daily without repeating a question.

The PC-based MathAmigo Manager enables teachers to quickly and easily plan daily math lessons individualized to each student, from struggling to gifted learners, and provide instant feedback. Teachers can monitor student progress and create assessment reports that illustrate students’ needs. Real-time alerts immediately show teachers which students need help at the time they need. The program is able to detect students’ abilities as they work and can automatically adjust to challenge students or reinforce concepts.

Valiant recently released Version 4 to offer enhanced navigation, search functions and help features such as a video guide.

I used Roamer within the LOGO philosophy to create mathematical enrichment activities for the national Saudi program for gifted & talented children.
Omar M.S. Hamed
Mathematics Dept.
King Saud University
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Discovery at Everyturn

Roamer is an educational technology robot. Teachers use Roamer to teach various subjects across the curriculum as well as to develop students’ problem-solving skills. The robot helps educators teach difficult subject matter in a fun and engaging way, providing concrete experiences of abstract concepts. Students learn to discover, understand and assimilate complex ideas. The versatile, hands-on learning tool can be used in preschool, elementary, middle and high school in classrooms ranging from special education to gifted and talented to provide all students with meaningful educational experiences.

Valiant has created the Global Roamer Network to enable educators from around the world to share their tips and experiences in using Roamer. Under the SEROTA Project, the company is working with top universities including Rutgers, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins and California State to develop the next generation of educational robots. The project aims to produce a teaching aid based on strong educational values and practical teaching standards, which will result in better achievement scores.

The two Inventa manuals
should be standards for schools
teaching mechanical concepts
and structures. Fun and
concise, the books explain
simple machines in an easy,
readable way. While my 5th
grade students make the land
yacht, they learn to use
measurement skills to lay out
the sail, the link strips and
wooden dowels. We also use
math to explain the many
concepts of mechanical
Rob Blonarowycz
Technology Education Teacher
Chichester Middle School
Boothwyn, Pa
Creating the Future

Inventa is a design technology system capable of supporting science and technology projects in elementary, middle and high schools, particularly for pre-engineering work. It presents a sort of educational version of “Junkyard Wars,” demanding ingenuity and creativity from students.

Inventa consists of interlinking components that provide the strength and precision necessary to help make students’ ideas work. The system components include pulleys, gears, wheels, bearings, adaptors, tubing, strips, plastic and wood. Students can combine the components with “junk” materials such as soda cans and cereal boxes to create a multitude of structures and mechanisms. Following sound engineering principles, Inventa allows students to explore simple gear and pulley mechanisms, math and physics as well as develop problem-solving skills. All of the system components, as well as the supplemental “junk” items teachers can find around the school or house, are inexpensive, so Inventa materials can be consumable to provide students the opportunity to build and create over and over again.

Valiant spent more than six years in classrooms developing practical ways to implement design and build projects to meet the diverse range of experience and abilities of students and teachers. The result is the Inventa Workshop, a set of curriculum materials that uses design technology as a medium to improve student skills in math, science and language arts. The materials are flexible for use in regular classroom lessons, group projects and for summer and after-school programs.


A modular electronics system, Tronix allows students to explore the science of electricity and then apply that understanding in technology projects. Simple connections and plug in boards remove the need for soldering. The system is ideal for students aged 7-13.

The Tronix Electricity Starter Pack provides teachers with an economical way to begin an electricity unit in their classroom. The pack contains a baseboard, lampholders and lamps, 6V battery holder, slide switch, motor, motor mounting bracket, buzzer, 5m wire, and Teacher’s Guide

SenSci Data Logger was used
to chart sea and air temps
during the Borobudur
Expedition, which recreated the
ancient ship and trading route
that helped spread Indonesian
influence to Africa
  Other Products

Valiant Technology, based in the United Kingdom, designs and sells several other products for the European educational market. The SenSci® Data Logger allows students to conduct science experiments in the field and instantaneously record light, sound, temperature, pressure, pH, humidity, oxygen levels, voltage, current, motion, heart rate, and more. The large LCD screen, easy-to-use menu, multiple data ports, variety of information displays and accompanying software, provide an economical data logger for elementary through high school students. Turtle™ is another robotic educational tool from Valiant that helps students visualize and learn mathematic concepts. Quickstep lets student explore industrial control. It is a freestanding, bit-by-bit controller that allows students to quickly program and test their projects. Valiant also develops accessories and control boxes to complement its product offerings.