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Rudolph the Red-nosed Roamer

Seasonal Songs

The Christmas Story could act as the basis for a Roamer play. Dressing three Roamers up as the three wise men and programming them to come in bearing their gifts is a creative and absorbing activity.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a Pantomime. Why not do a class pantomime and include Roamer as one of the characters - the good fairy for instance.

Turtle Christmas decorations

Some wonderful light displays could be programmed from the Control Console or SenSci (these are also suitable for Diwali, of course). Maybe a mural of the nativity scene could be created with an led as the Star of Bethlehem which is programmed to "twinkle".

If you have the Roamer control box a Roamer Christmas tree can look very effective. A simple cone decorated like a Christmas tree with lights that are programmed to sparkle. Roamer can then be programmed to wander and render a Christmas carol wherever it stops.

All children (and some adults!) Love toys for Christmas. This is a wonderful opportunity for creating some toys using cams and other mechanisms. See the circus project as a starting point for ideas.

We would love to see photos of any Christmas work that you do, to put up on this website. We would also love any feedback or suggestions for future Topical topics that you would like to see. Please contact us via this link.


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