Infant Teacher: Why Buy?

Obviously the Infant Roamer has been designed as the standard Roamer for this age group. Building up from the Early years Roamer it introduces number and Repeats so you can study patterns in Maths. However if you have children who haven’t yet got to the number recognition stage or ones who are further forward you can easily change the Roamer into the Early Years one or the Primary one by buying the Standard Behaviour CD and Computer Interface. Just print out the appropriate graphic and download the Behaviour into the keypad (both stored on the CD) and hey presto! you have a different Roamer.

As you start to study pattern the pen pack is a great addition, along with the RoamerWorld software suite which provides a computer environment for drawing, plus additional features that the teacher will find indispensable.

Check out the mats – in particular the multi-activity mat and number line, and the ever-growing range of activity packs, many of which are tailored to this age group. For a more comprehensive and cross-curricular resource the Year 1 and Year 2 curriculum resource packs provide a wide range of lesson ideas all tied it to the National Curriculum. They contain everything you need – Teacher’s notes, worksheets and any Behaviours and keypad graphics that are needed. They are fantastic value. (Remember you will also need a computer interface lead, if you don’t already have one)

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