Junior Teacher: Why Buy?

At lower juniors the Primary Roamer is ideal. It adds to previous knowledge providing a scaffold approach to learning and a couple of very simple control possibilities with one programmable output line and one programmable input line. Add the car disguise or make your own model and your pupils have a simple but effective introduction to control.

At top juniors the Junior Roamer comes complete with a control pod so more complex programming can be done using the simple outputs and inputs now available to you. The Control Pod is available as a stand-alone device that, since it is battery powered can be used anywhere in the school.

Once students are starting to program more complex procedures RoamerWorld is a must for editing and storing programs. The software suite is also useful for its many other features from creating different user- keys to accessing all the free activities that are available.

For teachers getting to know the new Roamer and all its new possibilities the curriculum CDs for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are a must, covering a wide range of curriculum based activities, providing Teachers Notes, worksheets, downloadable Behaviours and keypad graphics. There is also an ever-increasing range of Activity Packs and Mats suitable for this age-group. Also check out the disguise kits like the car, which provide great models for control.

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