Modular Roamer

Roamer is a Modular System. You start with the Base Platform and then construct radically different robots by plugging in different things.

Roamer as a Teaching Aid

To use Roamer as an educational robot - or teaching aid - does not require technical expertise. It's more like build a 'Build a Bear' than construct a complex Lego Robot. You simply plug Roamer Modules together and you're 'good to go'. It lets you use the power of modern robotics (like modules enabling students to talk to the robot) without you needing to know anything about the technicalities.

Roamer in Design Technology

You can use Robotic Roamer in technology programmes like STEM, Design Technology, Engineering Diplomas, etc. By using Roamer Modules or creating your own plug-ins students can design and build powerful sophisticated robots. The open architecture and your ability to PIC Program the Roamers provide you with a flexible system that has many practical advantages.

Roamer Base