Which Roamer accessories would you recommend for my children?
3 - 7 years old:
Roamer Workcards - Measurement 1
Measurement 2
Number 1
Angles 1
Pen Pack - for tracing routes and drawing patterns. Basic turtle geometry.
Jackets - Allow children to create lots of different Roamer characters without ruining Roamer. If only one Roamer in school, each class can create their own character so that it immediately becomes theirs when it arrives in their classroom.
Card Pack - Great for introducing Roamer keypad. Allows children to create programmes without having to be able to write . Activity book gives lots of games that can be played. For use with the workcards.
Nursery Rhyme Pack - This provides a set of differentiated Roamer activities plus a host of other non-Roamer activities on the popular theme of Nursery Rhymes.
Literacy Pack - Great for extending your Roamer work into Literacy hour. Directly relates to the Literacy strategy scheme of work.
Mats - A wide range of mats are available to create environments for your Roamer to work in.
7 plus: Pen Pack, Card Pack, Jackets and ...
Roamer Workcards - Geometry 1
Applied Maths 1
RoamerWorld Software - Roamer can be programmed through the computer and vice versa. Provides 21 different activities on the theme of routes and journeys and allows children to compare routes both in the abstract on screen and also concretely with Roamer. For example: Can the computer hare beat the Roamer Tortoise? Program the hare to travel from start to finish and visit several friends. Program the Roamer tortoise to travel the shortest route. Press both GO buttons at the same time and see who wins.
Once children are familiar with Roamer they can progress to:
Control Box - Fits neatly underneath Roamer , provides 4 outputs (motors, lights etc.) 1 input (sensors) and a stepper motor port.
Introduction to control technology in a very friendly and inexpensive way. Can now craete Roamer characters that will respond to their environment eg. a Roamer sheepdog that will respond to whistles. A Roamer police car with flashing lights and siren. Can use with any motors, sensors etc but Valiant does packs:
Sensor Pack
Motor Pack
Light Pack