Roamer FAQs
What is Roamer?
Which Roamer accessories would you recommend for my children?
My Roamer keeps doing a triangle before it does what I've told it to do.
I cannot cancel my Roamer's memory
I want to use my Roamer on a table top but Roamer units are too big - what can I do?
Degrees are too complicated for my young children. What should I do?
My Roamer doesn't do a proper square
My Roamer is going round in circles.
 RoamerWorld FAQs
RoamerWorld FAQs
How long is the warranty on Roamer?
How can I clean my Roamer?
What are the purple keys on Roamers keypad for?
Is it possible to keep the Roamer programs once you have switched Roamer off?
How can I stop Roamer in the middle of a program?
How to charge the Roamer Rechargable Batteries?