RoamerWorld FAQs
Which version of RoamerWorld do I have?
Which version should I be using?
What are the differences between RoamerWorld 1.x and RoamerWorld 2.x?
When printing the Graphics Window (Floor), the printout is a solid black square that fills one quarter of the page. (The GO Listing prints correctly.)
I can't open the Activities
I'm having problems with the serial interface.
Does RoamerWorld 2 use the 'My Documents' Folder for each user?
Will RoamerWorld 2 run over a network?
My Network Provider won't allow "3rd party" programs to be installed because "they may interfere with the computer configuration".
Should I upgrade to the most recent version for my OS?
 Roamer FAQs
Roamer FAQs
What do the S, T and M keys do?
How do I create my own projects for the students to use in class?
Can I use graphics that I downloaded from the Internet?
Is RoamerWorld Accessibility Enabled?
I have found a bug in RoamerWorld. What should I do?
I have a suggestion for improving RoamerWorld. What should I do?
May I make copies of the RoamerWorld discs for backup purposes?
Can the students run RoamerWorld projects on their home computers?
Are there alternative language versions of RoamerWorld?
I still have unanswered questions.