Should I upgrade to the most recent version for my OS?
It depends on which version you currently have. To take advantage of long filenames, upgrade if you are using version 1.x. If you are not interested in long filenames, use the table below to decide if you should upgrade.

Your current version Upgrade / Don't upgrade?
v1.0 Upgrade to the highest version for your OS. The first release of RoamerWorld had a few problems that were fixed in subsequent releases.
v1.1 Upgrade if you use the upload/download features of the floor Roamer. This release contained a bug that read back incorrect data from a floor Roamer's 'T' key command.
v1.2 Upgrade if you have problems with tooltips showing strange numbers. With the release of Windows 98, we found that our tooltips showed odd numbers instead of tips. (Microsoft choose the same name for a tooltip box that we chose for RoamerWorld. This created a small incompatibility.
v1.21 Upgrade if you no longer use Windows 3.1. This is the final version of RoamerWorld 1.x to be made available.
V2.1 ( Get the latest version (2.2) ONLY if you have problems opening the supplied Activities (this may happen when using particular network setups).
V2.2 This is the latest version.

For more in-depth technical assistance for RoamerWorld visit: www.software-maintenance.com/rworldbeta.htm
or email: roamerworld@valiant-technology.com
To order a different version of the software email: info@valiant-technology.com