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This page is where we focus in on educators using Roamer.
 Karina's Corner
I work as a T.A / Technician at New Earswick Primary School which is situated three miles north of York, England. We have approximately 250 children. I came joint first in the Becta ICT Practice awards for Learning Assistants.
Here I show some of the of our work, address some of the problems that we came across and share any tips or solutions that we discovered.
I am hope to feature some of the digital imaging work as well as other areas that you may find interesting.
Karina’s Corner
 New york
I am Program Manager for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (MST) at the Cattaraugus Allegany Boces. We design and provide MST kit resources to 19 school districts in south-western New York State. Roamer has been a part of this for many years.
Dr. Michael
Roamer as a Math Science and Technology Resource
 The Wichita Gals
◄ Tonya Witherspoon
Technology Integration Specialist at
ESSDACK (Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas)
Karen Reynolds ►
Technology Specalist
Wichita State University.
These two ladies have pioneered the use of robots in the classroom for many years. They have now developed on-line Roamer courses and their site contains many excellent resources.
Robotics in the Classroom