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Roamer’s ancestors were the Turtle and a product called Big Trak – a toy made by Milton Bradley. Teacher’s liked Big Trak for its simple programmable capability. Not surprisingly they did not like the fact that it was a tank.
When designing Roamer we asked what should it look like? Guess what happens when you ask 100 children this question – you get 100 different answers. That’s when we decided that we should let the students create their own designs.
The great thing about this is the educational opportunities it offers. It engages students in the design process – a way of thinking, an educational paradigm. The design process is a way of solving problems: this in itself is educationally potent but it also is a wonderful source of ideas for Roamer projects.
The Design Manual, originally sold as part of the design pack is now available as a free download.
“If a student decides they want the robot to be a dog it raises the question what should the dog look like? How does a dog behave. How do we program the robot to mimic that behaviour.”
Dave Catlin
Valiant CEO and Roamer Designer
Free Roamer Design Resource
Examples of Student Design Work
 A Star is Born
BBC Special Effects Engineer Andy Lazell preparing a Roamer for the TV show Number Plus – One of Roamer’s many television appearances. More>
Photos courtesy of Luke Finn BBC Education
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