Where it all started
The concepts underpinning the use of Roamer stem from the seminal work of Seymour Papert. Papert is an educator, mathematician, computer scientist, pioneer of artificial intelligence, as well as the inventor of the Logo programming language. He (and his MIT team) were instrumental in the development Lego Mindstorms. Although an old publication his book Mindstorms is still a must read for anyone interested in grasping the notions behind the use of robots in education
Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas
By Seymour Papert
 Research Papers
Project for Digital Literacy Program Evaluation
  San Diego State University, USA
Children, Robotics & Problem Solving
  Education Faculty , Curtin University, Australia
The Pedagogical Advantages of Roamer
  An Analysis by Tom Donahue, Montessori Teacher San Diego USA
Roamer Activity Design
  By Sue Redfern, Dorset, England
Roamer and NCTM Math Standards
  By Dave Catlin, CEO, Valiant Technology
 Special Education
About Procedural Computing:
The Roamer Robot
  By Professor Daniel Jacquet, CNEFEI, Paris
The Roamer: an object for readapting in the case of adolescents with a cranial trauma
  By Professor Christian Sarralié, CNEFEI, Paris
Using Roamer with the Visually Impaired
Roamer in Space
  Both by Penny Gay, Peripatetic Support Teacher