educational robots

SEN Research

Many SEN teachers found Classic Roamer and the Valiant Turtle useful in working with their students (see Research Archives). In 1992 Valiant supported a research project run by Mike Blamires of Canterbury Christ Church University. In this project experienced, practising SEN teachers working for their MAs investigated how to use Classic Roamer in a SEN situation. The outcome of this was the Canterbury Report, which found the robot useful, but frustrating because it did not meet the exact needs of each individual student.

SEN Roamer

The Canterbury Report triggered the conceptual insights that led to the development of Roamer-Too. Clearly each SEN scenario requires a different robot. The only way to achieve this economically was to create a modular robot system. This is the core idea of Roamer-Too.

Accessible Technology Interfaces

Valiant is planning to develop a number of interfaces to existing accessible technology. Contact us and tell us what you would like to interface to and we will try and make it a priority . priority.

SEN RoAD Partners Needed

Though the original design impetus came from work in SEN, Roamer-Too has developed into a more general educational tool. Its current focus is biased towards mainstream teaching situations. However, Valiant remains committed to SEN issues. If we are to create first class tools for use in the area, it is essential we combine our skills with those of SEN specialists. We would like to encourage anyone in this field, interested in this project to become RoAD Partners.