RoamerWorld Suite
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The new RoamerWorld Suite consists of several different modules:

Roamer graphics for each standard Roamer.

Interfaces with Logo software enabling you to run the Roamer as a Turtle.

Personalisation features enabling you to name your Roamer and change basic operating parameters.

Calibrate Roamer accuracy.

Access open source activities.

Additional modules available at minimal cost are:

The speech centre for creating dialogue, recording speech, downloading sound effects, etc.

The Activity creator which contains the tools needed to create your own keypad behaviours and modules.

Links to technologies that allow you to view and edit your Roamer program.

RoamerWorld Single User

Product Reference: 1525-100

RoamerWorld Five User

Product Reference: 1525-106

RoamerWorld Ten User

Product Reference: 1525-110

RoamerWorld Twenty User

Product Reference: 1525-114

RoamerWorld Fifty User

Product Reference: 1525-117

RoamerWorld Over Fifty User

Product Reference: 1525-119


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