Early Years

In this section we recommend the standard Roamers and accessories that are particularly appropriate to the under fives.

Below, you'll find the essential Foundation Roamer.

For more Foundation Roamer Accessories, click: Standard Roamer, General Accessories, Activity Accessories and Activity Packs menu items below the Foundation menu item on the left.

Early Years Roamer
Product Image

For the Foundation Stage

This is the simplest of the standard Roamers. It uses counting to determine the number of moves to make. It also has four user keys that the teacher can define to tailor it to any activity.

Product Reference: 1520-401

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You charge the 6 batteries in the Roamer Power Pack in an external charger. If during a lesson you find Roamer's batteries are flat, you can quickly replace them with a fully charged set and the lesson continues. You cannot do this if you recharge the batteries onboard the robot. To fast charge the batteries safely or leave them on charge overnight, the charger needs to adjust how it charges. This intelligent action will help your batteries stay in top condition longer. If you follow Valiantís recommended charging regime you can keep 5 Roamer Power Packs with one charger.

Product Reference: 1522-110

Rechargeable Battery Pack
Product Image

Six (enough for one Roamer) high capacity rechargeable batteries. These top quality batteries will last for years and can even be left in a discharged state without affecting performance.

Product Reference: 1522-108


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