Early Years Activities: Ages 3-5
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Activities for students 3 to 5 years old.

Thirty two activities that introduce students to programming Roamer in a cross-curricular context. Whether it is understanding the difference between living and non-living things or exploring early mathematical concepts Roamer provides a concrete experience of some abstract ideas. This provides a solid foundation of understanding as the students move up the school and encounter more complex ideas.

The CD provides lesson plans, teachers notes and all the worksheets needed for the successful implementation of the activities.

Product Reference: 1524-101

Infant Activities: Ages 5-7
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Thirty two cross-curricular activities designed for children aged 5 to 7. They build on previous knowledge and introduce the Roamer programming features in a systematic way. Contains Lesson Plans, Teachers Notes and all the worksheets required for fun activities across the breadth of the curriculum

Product Reference: 1524-102

Infant coding Pack CD
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This package is designed to introduce young students to the key ideas of coding. Like all packages the cross curricular nature of the Roamer activities do not restrict the benefit of the activities to computing and coding. These resources will also help you deliver STEM and Arts based experiences for Keystage 1 students (ages 5 - 7).

Product Reference: 1524-120

Measurement 2 workcards
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For ages 5 - 7. 12 cards

This pack of workcards includes estimating distance and turning. "Bigger than" and "Smaller than" work.

Product Reference: 1521-205

Number 1 workcards
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For ages 5 - 7. 12 cards

Working with early numbers and introducing addition and subtraction.

Product Reference: 1521-210

Angles 1 workcards

For ages 5 - 7. 12 cards

Using Roamer to introduce turning - quarter turns, north, south, east and west and finally 45 degree turns

Product Reference: 1521-250

Roamer Resource Book
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Guide to Using Turtle Robots. this helpful guide is divided into 3 sections, Robot Basics, Lesson Plans, Resources with 11 pages of advice and over 32 lessons all tied in to the National Curriculum. Useful for the full Primary age range and all varieties of Roamer.

Product Reference: 1521-801

Nursery Rhyme Activity Pack
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Photocopiable worksheets for the Foundation Stage. Twelve Roamer/Roamer-Too activities based on the theme of Nursery Rhymes all tied in to the Stepping Stones and Early Learning Goals. Comprehensive Teacher's Notes also suggest lots of other non-Roamer activities. Incredible value.

Product Reference: 1521-800


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