Primary Roamer
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For ages 7 - 9

This Roamer is the next structured step in developing the Logo language. Procedures are introduced, as well as programmable input and output lines. Speed, volume and strength are all variable which with the user defined keys means that this little robot is incredibly flexible.

Product Reference: 1520-403

Infant Roamer
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For ages 5 - 7

The Infant Roamer recognises the need to introduce number at this age, so this keypad moves beyond just counting. Repeat is also featured so children can start to explore patterns in Maths. And a simplified music facility is present.

In addition you can change the speed and volume of Roamer.

Product Reference: 1520-402

Junior Roamer
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For ages 9+

This Roamer is the most advanced of the standard Roamers and as you would expect develops the control possibilities enormously. To fully use the programmable inputs and outputs you would need to add a control pod. Without the control pod you have access to the onboard single input and output as well as greater flexibility with the parameters and procedures.

Product Reference: 1520-404

Primary School Value Pack
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For ages 5 - 11

A complete pack of Roamers and resources specially selected for Primary Schools. Providing 5 Primary Roamers plus extra keypads for the younger/less able pupils and the more able. Curriculum materials for years 1 - 3 provide 96 lessons plus a range of mats and batteries and chargers.

Each pack contains:

5 Primary Roamers

5 Infant keypads

1 Junior keypad

Years 1, 2 and 3 curriculum materials

5 sets of rechargeable batteries

1 Intelligent Charger

2 numberlines

5 clear grid mats

2 pen packs

1 Roamer Instruction Card Pack

1 Computer Interface

Product Reference: 1520-108


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