Roamer in Paris
An adolescent student had been brain damaged in a car accident. This affected his math skills. He became aggressive when teachers tried to engage him in basic math so they gave him some Roamer tasks involving simple calculations. The robot neutralised his aggression and enabled the teachers to work with him.
 Roamer in New York State
The BOCES Allegany, South of Buffalo, integrated Roamer into many areas of their curriculum. As a demonstration of comprehension students programmed Roamer to enact the Billy Goat Gruff Story.
 Roamer in London
In a group project on dogs students studied the animal behaviour, wrote essays on dogs and made the robots look like dogs. The final challenge: program the robot to behave like a dog.
 Roamer in Melbourne
“Roamer has come to stay in our school… It is well adapted for both sighted and partially sighted students”
Mrs Syn
Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind School
Melbourne Australia
Mrs Syn demonstrated Roamer’s cultural neutrality by creating a series of activities for partially sighted students that had a distinct Aussie flavour. The activities involved the Australian bush and wild life.
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