Using Roamer
Roamer is a constructivist tool: a robot designed to help students think. Based on the principles of Logo developed by MIT’s Seymour Papert. By programming Roamer students engage a wide range of creative, cross curricular activities. The snippets on these three page give you a flavour. If you take the time to explore the rest of the site you will be startled at how such a simple idea can do so many excellent things.
 Roamer in Kansas
Students in Kansas dressed Roamer for a square dance. Programming the robots to dance together was great fun and involved lots of basic math skills
 Roamer in Shanghai
Teachers use Roamer with a number track to provide students with visual and kinaesthetic manipulation of negative numbers.
 Roamer in Scotland
You can play music with Roamer. One student played Mozart and another played Beethoven’s 9th. A group of students in Edinburgh programmed the robot to play the Highland Fling while another Roamer “danced” around some swords.