Free Activities

You can use Roamer to help pre-schoolers learn to read or high school students to grasp calculus.

Start with the inexpensive Valiant Curriculum Packs. Then supplement and extend these materials through the many free, open source, open content activities.

Create Your Own Activities

Using tools in RoamerWorld you can create and modify activities. You might consider sharing these with colleagues by adding them to the Activity Library for other teachers to use free of charge under the open source open content licence.

Road Partnership

If you have novel or interesting ideas consider joining the RoAD Partnership: a community set up to produce innovative open source open content materials for other teachers to use.

Activity Library

We are in the process of rationalising our database of free classroom resources and this will continue to be developed as an open source area for teachers.

In the meantime you can view the existing activities by clicking on the link below.