educational robots

What Can Roamer Do?

Roamer is an educational robot that you can use to help students learn. It can help early learners with basics like reading, spelling and arithmetic or help adolescents appreciate the size of the solar system, learn a foreign language or grasp the concepts of calculus or algebra. It helps struggling students or challenges the gifted and talented. It is particularly good in SEN.

One Robot Can Do All That?

Not exactly: Roamer-Too is a modular system - you can radically change it to suit the situation, the student learning style and your lesson objectives.

Is It Expensive?


  1. The system is modular so you buy what you need and when you need it
  2. Many activities are free and open source
  3. You can create your own activities
  4. The Keypad Module is like a concept board - download a behaviour to the Keypad and swap the graphics and you have a different robot suitable for different activities.
  5. The robot integrates with existing technology helping you get more out of your existing investments