RoamerWorld is a software program that allows you to program Roamer on the computer. Or you can program on the Roamer and save your work on the computer.
Originally Logo created a software tool that allowed students to build knowledge according to constructionist ideas of Piaget. Robots like Roamer and Turtles made concrete the abstract ideas expressed on the computer.
With Logo you act (program) in the virtual world of the computer and see its effects in physical world through the action of the robot. With Roamer you act and see the results directly in the physical environment.
Roamer and RoamerWorld offer a new paradigm. You act in both the physical and virtual world and compare the difference.
 RoamerWorld on the SMART Board
RoamerWorld is SMART approved for use on the interactive whiteboard, so you can do whole class session programming the Roamer then download the program using the PC interface lead and watch it for real in the classroom. Or you can program the real Roamer to find a route round the classroom, then after uploading the program to the whiteboard add the pen down instruction and watch it draw its route on the whiteboard. Endless activities and hours of educational fun!
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