Roamer Research Basis

The design of Roamer as an educational tool is based on what is now being termed 'the Science of Learning'. This is explained in two books, which summarises research about what constitutes good practice and what works.

Roamer's Effectiveness

Books, pencils, computers and educational robots are tools. You might prove that specific books, software or Roamer activities are educationally successful, but the crucial task is to understand how we can use these tools effectively in classroom situations.

ERA Principles

The Educational Robotic Application Principles define the key qualities of educational robots. Devised by Valiant's Dave Catlin and Mike Blamires of Canterbury Christ Church University they provide a hypothesis that needs validation.

e-Robot Research Project

The aim of the innovative e-Robot (Educational Robot) Research Project is to provide the evidence to substantiate the ERA Principles.

e-Robot is an on-line research cooperative administered by Canterbury Christ Church University. It provides a clearing house for the different research projects of RoAD Partners, researchers, students, teachers' anyone who is interested in this area of research.

"While individual research projects have their own objectives, the idea of e-Robot is to gather data pertaining to the ERA Principles from the diverse projects. e-Robot provides a series templates adaptable to a variety of different research methods."
Mike Blamires

Research Library